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Boston Smart Locks

Your Boston smart door lock for safe keyless entry

The first time you worry because you left your keys at the office, you'll be glad you included a Vivint smart lock as part of your Vivint home security system. With your Boston smart locks, you gain no-key entry through an individual code that's unique to each family member. Just punch in the numbers to unlock or lock the door lock or open the Vivint mobile app to unlock your doors remotely. Then get texts to your mobile device anytime a lock is opened, which is handy for when you need your doors to open for the plumber or want to know when your children get home from seeing friends.

Vivint Smart Lock in Boston 

Your Boston smart locks can:

  • Remotely manage your smart locks with the Vivint mobile app.
  • Lock and unlock your locks automatically with geofencing technology.
  • Get alerts to your smartphone when your smart locks are used.
  • Set up to 30 unique lock codes.
  • Make your smart components and security system to respond to your locks.

Use your Boston smart locks from your mobile phone

Why agonize about leaving the front door open? You can quickly look at the condition of your Boston smart locks with the Vivint App. Just press an icon, and your smart locks will lock up tight. Key-free unlocking your doors from anywhere in the world is just as simple.

Or program your smart locks to secure automatically when you leave your home. Or geofence your locks to unlock when you get into the driveway. And stop leaving an extra key under the fake rock that doesn’t fool anyone. With your phone and your mobile security app, remotely open your smart locks for repair services or surprise visitors.

Vivint Smart Lock on home in Boston

Get a text when your doors are unlocked

Give your entire family a custom code for your Boston smart door locks. Then get an email or pop-up to your phone whenever your locks activate. You'll know when every family member comes and goes from the house for school or work. For occasional visitors, program a temporary PIN number. Then get notified when they come and open the door.

Set up your smart locks to work with other security system components

Your Boston smart door locks can help you get to safety during a security event. When your Vivint fire detector senses fire-like conditions, your locks will instantaneously unlatch, allowing you to find safety quickly. Or have your alarms arm and smart lights dim when you enter in your lock code as you leave.

You can even program your door locks to respond to voice commands with your favorite AI assistant. Just tell your Amazon Echo or Google Home to activate, and your doors will lock tight and your alarms arm. Or tell it goodnight and watch your doors lock up tight for bed.

Your smart locks can be an integral part for your Boston home security system

When you contact us about your Boston home security, don’t forget to ask about including smart locks. Your Vivint professional can walk you through all your options and can personalize the perfect system for your home. Just call us at (617) 826-8647 or complete the form below today.