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Control your home with your Boston Vivint app

The powerful Boston Vivint mobile app manages all your Vivint devices

Operating your residential security and home automation systems has never been simpler. With your Boston Vivint App, you’re able to seamlessly control your entire system with a couple presses on your smartphone. Arm your system to have peace of mind. See current video streams or utilize the two-way talk channel on your home security cameras. Or raise or lower lighting levels, adjust the thermostat, and lock your doors when you're out and about. Through your Boston mobile app, you have a powerful central hub that you can connect to from wherever you are.

Your Boston Vivint app makes your home safer

The Vivint App allows your security and automation devices to fit your every need. With a few swipes on your tablet or phone, you’re able to:

Control your home security system: Switch on your devices and alarms before you prepare for bed, or disarm the system from your mobile device when visitors drop by while you're out and about. Or program your Boston home security system to arm at a predetermined time.

View HD video from your security cameras: Watch current feeds of your Boston security cameras in full HD. Or stream 20-second video clip snippets on your mobile device.

Create a more efficient home: Set your lights to a more suitable level, or check to know if you left them on before you left the house. Automatically set the thermostat at night. Then set a timer to increase your heat before you get ready in the morning.

Lock and unlock and lock your doors: Manage one-time codes for maintenance workers, or unlock your doors from wherever you are. Receive alerts to your phone when visitors show up to your house. You can also check if the garage door was left up.

Pair security and automation devices together: The greatest benefit of a Vivint system is that your home automation and home security devices work together. Program your alarm system, lights, thermostat, and more to work on a timer. Put your house to bed with just a touch of a button.

Built with the basics in mind so everything works as intended

Unlike competitors that rely on third-party control centers and devices, Vivint programmed their app from scratch as key control center for all their solutions. This means every component operates like it should without any extra steps. Out of the box home security or automation devices seamlessly sync with the app, so your smart system can adjust when your lifestyle changes. And because every component works in perfect harmony with easy-to-use commands, it’s easy to swiftly set custom actions.

Control your smart home with Amazon Echo or Google Home

Sync your Vivint system with your favorite voice assistant to manage your devices through vocal commands. Just tell Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn up the thermostat, shut off the lights, or unlock the doors. Or tell your voice assistant that you’re going out, and they’ll lock up tight and arm your alarms automatically.

Contact Vivint to order your home security system with the easy-to-use Vivint Smart Home App in Boston

Simply call (617) 826-8647 or complete the form to see how the Vivint App can turbocharge your residential security system. A Vivint professional will evaluate your security needs and customize the best system for you. For your no-obligation quote, call today!